Here goes nothing

My first foray into the blog world. To say I’m nervous would be like saying Iceland is cold. No wait, how did that go? Iceland is nice, Greenland’s covered in ice? So Greenland’s cold. (Look at that, I did learn something from Mighty Ducks). And this is not a great way to start. Let me try again.

Hi. I’m Stacy (or am I supposed to use a fake name? Eh, too late now). I’m an active participant in NaNoWriMo, but do almost no writing outside November. Every year I promise to try and every year I fail miserably. Certain members of my family – coughMomcough – have been pressuring me to make more of an effort. This blog is not a reflection of that.

No, this blog is something else entirely. Kind of. I belong to a group of lovely, like-minded people who recently read Julie/Julia. While we mostly hated the book, we were impressed with the concept. One member (possibly hypothetically) asked what we would do as a similar challenge and it took off from there. Eventually it came down to choosing for ourselves or being assigned the bacon cheeseburger challenge.

I spent several days deciding what I wanted to do and searching the internet to see what others had done – simultaneously wanting ideas yet wanting something no one else had done. I actually came really close to choosing the bacon cheeseburgers, but then I remembered my Christmas present.

My niece constantly asks me to tell her stories. I’m just not good at kids’ stories. I have trouble coming up with the spur of the moment ideas. I usually try to stall for time by making my niece and nephew tell me a story first. They’ve caught on to this tactic, and try buttering me up. (“But, Aunt Stacy, I like your stories best.”) It usually ends in a stalemate, unless I prepare something ahead of time.

My niece seems to have figured this out as well. For Christmas the two of them gave me a really nice notebook and a set of pens complete with instructions. “It’s for you to write down your stories so we can read them when you’re here.” Oh. Checkmate. I stalled during the rest of the visit, but I have to have something written by the next one or I will officially be the worst aunt ever. Hence the blog. Maybe this way I’ll have a few built up the next time I see them. Or at least a couple in my notebook for my niece to read.

My goal is one story a week for a year. I’m hoping to write several stories about the same characters and plan to make an amigurumi or stuffy to go along with the books. I have a sister-in-law that draws (Hi, Julie!) and am hoping she will be willing to illustrate any that have promise. Maybe I should have asked her first, but she’s too sweet to refuse even if she wanted to. Not that I would take advantage of that…

Since I struggle with children’s stories I’ll probably be reading quite a few during the year to try and unlock the secret. I might post reviews on those books and any tips I find from the authors in between stories.

Shout out to Marian for the title – Thanks, Marian! And good luck to the rest of the group!


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